Update from Malene – End of Walk

What an amazing, crazy, insane, blessing this last year have been! My walk has been an experience of a life time, and I feel so deeply blessed for every single one of you I have gotten to know. I made it to Albuquerque on my own two feet – almost 1000 miles. I met so […]

Fundraiser Garage and Bake Sale

Dear Friends – It is here – we will have an fund raiser garage and bake sale this coming Saturday the 19th, starting early, early in the morning. I do need your help – I need it a lot actually! The sale is on Palomas Ave NE in Albuquerque. We have a great amount of […]

The Uncomfortable Space Between Enforcer and Public

With 8 times as many per capita murders by cops in Albuquerque compared to NYC, and with the DOJ who recently found that APD “Engaged in a pattern or practice of use of excessive force, including deadly force, in violation of the fourth amendment.” Albuquerque definitely has a problem with out of control cops. Take […]

Goals and Fundraising Efforts!

Someone on Facebook asked me if my goals had changed now I was crazy in love with a man – and my answer was: Falling Inlove changes nothing and everything. It changes nothing because  I am still the same person, and The Trail means a lot to me. It changes everything because we are now […]

Albuquerque – Sweet Complications

In Kingman, AZ I first made the prediction that I would meet my next boyfriend in Albuquerque – A prediction I made over the months to a handful of friends, of course to intense teasing as I neared Albuquerque. To make an all too common story short(er), my prediction somehow came true. I don’t quite […]

A Request for Help

Hello, this is a letter I sent out to some of my most ardent supporters. I can really use the help from everyone though! Most important thing right now: Please invite all your facebook friends to “like” my page. I really, really, really need the exposure. click here to donate Thanks, Malene Dear Friends, My […]