Dear Business,

Click here for smaller donations.

Or, contact me for information about sponsorship.

Thank you so much for checking me out. I want to present you with a unique opportunity to gain a lot of exposure for your company. Your product will be presented as a solution in our fight against obesity among potentially millions of Americans.

On July 20th 2013 I will embark on a 14 month walk the circumference of the USA. The trip is 8873 miles long and will bring me into Conversation with millions of Americans. During the trip I will speak with the American people about obesity – my own struggles with my weight – and about solutions to this national epidemic. I will network, speak with clubs, churches, radio stations, print media, tv shows and any other place I can think of to gain attention to talk with the American people about obesity and what we can do to fight it. When you support my walk you gain exposure as a brand that will help us in our fight against obesity. As with all fundraisers and sponsorships I have several levels of requested donations.

Interested in Brand Exclusivity? Contact me to discuss how I can best feature your brand.

Limited time offer: I am just getting started fundraising, and need to gain traction. To help me get started I am offering Gold Level package at $1000 and my White Gold package for $2500.

Bronze Level – Basic $500 package of support will get you exposure on my blog, banner and facebook account.

Silver Level – A nice starter package at $1000. It will up your exposure with unique mentions of your product throughout my trip.

Gold Level – A wonderful package at $2500. Three times as much product exposure while I am on the trail.

White Gold Level – Increase your product exposure while on the trail with another 100%

Platinum Level – Top level support starts at $10.000. I have increased product exposure while on the trail an additional 100%. I am open for any additional requests for exposure from you.

Donate Product – There are certain products I need before or during my trip.


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