I was finally back on the road yesterday midday and walked to within 5 miles of Kingman before settling in. Last night was cold for sure, but no more than I could easily handle. Of course, I had to realize last night as I settled in to make some soup that the new stove I had purchased because it was hard to find propane for the other stove also did not use the ubiquitous fuel so I am still out of a stove. Hopefully Big Five will help me replace it so I can start to make some of those yummy soups that my pack is so full of right now.

As I woke up this morning and ate some grapefruits I realized that part of the flesh had started to freeze – Yup, last night was indeed cold.

I will make it in to Kingman tonight, and hopefully find a decent spot to sleep as I make it through this city. I have a few practical things – like the stove – to take care of while I am here and then I plan to simply continue on Rt 66.

Kingman has tantalized and teased with it’s presence for about a month now so I am thrilled to finally be here. It was one hell of a climb to get here, the weather sucked and I still have plenty of hills and weather ahead of me. Still, the most intense climb is almost over. Mohave Valley to Kingman was 52 miles and I climbed from 400 ft to 3500 ft. Kingman to Flagstaff is 173 miles and climbs to 7000 ft. So while it is still a significant climb ahead of me it will still be less intense than the one I just finished. The  wind is driving me nuts though, the nights are seriously cold, and I have a high likelihood of both rain and snow. Still, the next 5 – 7 days promise to be decent weather. Sun out, cold nights and heavy wind to drive me nuts, but no rain or snow.


2 thoughts on “Kingman!

  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! YOU’RE LIKE A ROCK STAR!! We lived outside off & on for a few years, but we could always at least sit in the truck when a torrential downpour occurred. I know there is no way I’d be able to do what you’re doing. It’s hard getting up & going every a.m. when it’s so dang cold and then to get the stove goin etc…..Keep it up-You can do it!!

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