Product Donations

Dear Business,

There are many things I will need to make this trip a success, and I will gratefully accept donations of those materials.

Here is what you get when you donate needed product:

  • A shout out on my facebook page listing your donation.
  • A listing on my corporate sponsorships page.
  • A listing on my banner that is shown on departure and arrival in Bodega Bay, CA.
  • A listing in my blog when I use your product
  • You are welcome to request further exposure.

Products that I need:

  • Camping Gear
  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Hotel Stays
  • Some Food Stuffs
  • Printing Services of marketing related material
  • I could really use a gym membership until my departure.

Products that I would like:

  • A new digital camera with tele lense, and video capability.
  • A new laptop or tablet
  • Solar cell to power my laptop and phone on the road.

Please support my walk around the US.


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