I Fell – Hard

Dear Friends, This post will be different, it is not a travel story. From the beginning my site has been raw with emotion and realness, and most of you have appreciated it. So I will continue in that vein. Some of you know I have fallen in love with a man, who he is or […]

Newberry Springs to Ludlow

Hey Guys, So, I let off arriving in Newberry Springs. There was a little rain that afternoon, but by evening it was all done. I found a gorgeous pine to settle in below, but a few hours later the skies were clear. The next morning I had some subway food again, fueled up on water […]

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures!

Alright Guys, a page just for pictures. Afternoon light in the desert. Between Palmdale and Victorville I had the most amazing full moon. Seeing the moon in the sunset was stunning. The sunsets remained a wonder. I am still between Palmdale and Victorville. I am just a little bit proud of this picture. A Joshua […]

On to Newberry Springs

So, let me start by saying that I have heard from several people that I do not update you folks enough, especially those short, fun updates on facebook, as well as pictures. I will endeavor to do a lot better, but please keep in mind that I do not always have connectivity. I left off […]

Every Single Step Counts!

This travel update is just a tad bit more “gritty”, the realness of what I am doing is setting in. I never expected this walk to be all peaches and cream, and I am completely ok with some of it being a struggle! Before arriving at Penny’s place a bill came due faster than I […]