Update from Malene – End of Walk

What an amazing, crazy, insane, blessing this last year have been! My walk has been an experience of a life time, and I feel so deeply blessed for every single one of you I have gotten to know.
I made it to Albuquerque on my own two feet – almost 1000 miles. I met so many of you, and more than anything else – I restored my sense of self respect and faith in the world. And then, Yes, I met Preston. He has asked me to marry him, my heart is full.
I feel greedy asking for more than this. God knows, I wish I could continue to walk at least to Florida. There is grief in letting go of that goal. While I do feel grief in letting go of the walk this early, I do not feel any sense of failure. I am proud of retaking my life like this, of taking the risk, and doing everything in my power to get there.

As was always the risk – I am out of money. We had an fantastic yard sale for me, but I decided that I can no longer accept my cats not being in hands with someone I completely trust, and am currently spending a chunk of that money going to get them. Additional funding I need includes repairing / rebuilding my cart and food. I can afford neither.

I want to make it clear, that while I am now stopping the walk, it is not because of Preston – he is more than ready to be supportive and carry on long distance for a bit. It is only money that stops me. I was hoping to speed up now, and at least make it to Florida.

I always knew this could happen you guys, and while I struggle a bit with the grief, I feel more blessed and grateful that I made it this far, that I restored my sense of self, and that I found a man to love with all my heart. I really just cant ask anything more.

I also feel excitement for the life I am now ready to build. While walking around Burnside I saw so deeply and clearly the kind of life I really want to make for myself, and it is exciting to start to build that. Yes, I will be rebuilding from the ground up, but it is so very liberating.

Preston and I have put an deposit in on an really cute apartment in Albuquerque, it is small, but in an fabulous area filled with coffee shops and other interesting life just down the street. Yet, we are down an grassy back alley, with access to an outside to grow yummy foods.

For right now, I am in Fresno until August 22, and then going up to Santa Rosa until the 29th. Preston flies out to join me on the 28th and we drive the cats back with us then. I wanted to return a little faster than that, but the apartment is not ready till September 1. Anyone in California – this is my good bye to this gorgeous state. I might visit in the future – but there are no guarantees on that. If you want to meet, please reach out! I also really need an host in the Santa Rosa area.

With much love and such deep gratitude to all of you for your support and care.


One thought on “Update from Malene – End of Walk

  1. Sooo awesome Malene! Sooo soo happy for you! So love you and so so happy i got to meet you! Have no regrets, ♥ to you, this is how it was meant to be! 🙂

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