Rally Against Police Brutality – Albuquerque

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Yes, after Flagstaff I am awakened more than ever to the horror of injustices and destruction endemic in the US, and more than ever, determined to be part of activism in the coming years – so I was thrilled to haul my sweetie on a 2.5 mile demonstration through downtown Albuquerque to demonstrate against Albuquerque police brutality.

Recently the DOJ found that APD had:

“engaged in a pattern or practice of use of excessive force, including deadly force, in violation of the Fourth Amendment”.

What does that look like you might ask:

28 people dead in Albuquerque due to police shootings since 2010 – this is 8 times more dead people in than in NYC. Lawsuits against APD for brutality like spraying pepperspray on a woman’s vagina – to punish her for drug use. By far most of those police shoots are people of color – Latino / Chicano / Mexicano or Indigenous. Almost all of those APD has shot were in distress; consequently the DOJ found that APD did not really deal well with those who were “mentally ill”.

After the DOJ came up with their little findings – the APD and the city have made a half ass’d attempt to make it look like they are doing something about the horrific culture of violence endemic on their police force – I and most citizen’s of Albuquerque are unconvinced! 63% of Albuquerque citizens thinks the police shoots first and asks questions later.

The Rally Against Police Brutality that I joined on Saturday June 21st, was large, incredibly well planned and beautifully peaceful – and it was powerful. Around 200 people gathered in Roosevelt Park, and went on a 2.5 mile walk to express our disgust with the police brutality, Police Thuggery and Cruelty. As we started to walk we closed down Central Ave for around an hour – Central is one of the largest streets in downtown Albuq.

The chants were loud and proud – the demands to stop the brutality, the killings and the GENOCIDE were insistent, clear and it felt good to say NO to the violence.


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