Pear Blossom believes in “The Bushes”

One little tidbit that is good to know about the town of Pear Blossom – they fervently believe in “The Bushes”. There is not a single public bathroom in Pear Blossom – so visitors gets to squeeze their cheeks and head for the bushes. Out of the city there are plenty of bushes to hide […]

On Safety

Dear Friends,   A number of you have expressed concern when and if I seem to be out of facebook reach for too long. I really, really appreciate your caring concern. There will be times when I am out of reach for shorter or longer times – no cell phone connectivity, limited batteries on my […]

Another Travelogue

First of all, thank you to all of you for your patience with my slow updates. I must admit that between walking, having conversations, route planning and couch surfing duties, I sometimes play catch up. This “job” of walking around the US is quite demanding – not that I complain, it is all fun. So, […]

Continuing The Travel Stories

Wow, I can’t believe how many days it has been since I posted a travel story – my best excuse – I was out of range most of that time. So, for those who didn’t see my facebook page here are a few stats: I push a cart of 75-90 pounds depending on how much […]

Another Travelogue

So, we left off the story when I walked through Burbank feeling strong and full of myself. I ended up only walking 6 miles that day, and then Sharon picked me up. We had to shop for me to cook, and get all the groceries up to Mallory’s place. That, ended up being a lot […]

On Money and Fund Raising

I wanted to let all of my new followers know about the financial aspects of this walk. In the early stages I have been supported by friends, family and private sponsors like you! I have an indiegogo campaign and I need it to reach $800 in the next 15 days. If that does not happen […]

Hollywood Bullies

Ok, guys, I have saved this post for the end today, because it is a difficult post to make. It is not as positive and fun as my other posts, but it is a story I felt had to be told. Yesterday Marc walked with me a little longer than Erich, and at one point […]