North Bay Bohemian News Paper Article about my walk.

Dear Media Outlet,

First of all, thank you for checking me out. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to speak with me.

Whether your are with print media, radio, tv or online, I would love to speak with you about my “Conversation with America” walk.

This walk is dedicated to raise awareness about obesity. Obesity is a complex medical, hormonal, genetic, emotional, life style and class based issue, and the complexities are often overlooked by the media. I bring an honest and sober perspective to the conversation, and also some new ideas.

We can talk about many different topics – here are some ideas:

Why is obesity such an important topic?

My own story and journey with obesity.

We can talk about the travel aspects and adventure of my journey.

We can talk about solutions to obesity, and how we can better get this epidemic under control.

Taking back our control from obesity.

Obesity and discrimination

Obesity and depression

Weight loss, motivation and support.

And any other topic you would like to discuss.

Please Support my Walk Around the US


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