Fuller Trip Account – and Pictures!

So, after some wonderful days with family in Fresno, I was off to Santa Monica. My first night I stayed with Saskia and Luka, and we had a very full night of conversation and planning. Saskia is the mother of Q’orianka from the movie “The Brave New World”. Friday morning we headed to the beach […]

An Amazing 24 Hours

So, the long awaited, dreamed about first day of “foot on trail” finally got here. Last night I arrived in Santa Monica were I have been hosted by the amazing Saskia and Luca, two activists and amazing humans of Action Hero Network fame invited me in to their home. It turns out that Saskia and […]

A Fantastic Idea

Hey Guys, Someone gave me an amazing idea today that I want to follow up on. Her idea was to find a small list of questions that I can ask people on my journey and tape their answers. These would be questions pertaining to life, health and the deeper issues of our lives. Want to […]

Friday August 29th Departure

I have had a wonderful time with Charlie and Kristi while waiting for my package with my tent and other necessities. The package has still not arrived, but Charlie can lend me everything I need to get walking. Tomorrow I find me a ride to Santa Monica, and I have a couch surfing option already […]

Walking the Mojave Desert

Hey Guys,   In mid to late september I will be walking through the Mojave desert. It will be hot and desolate, but not impossible. I could on essentially, 3 gallons of water a day, and have routed me so that I can replenish the water every other day if I walk 15 miles a […]

Of Goals and Obstacles

My first goal will be to reach the Grand Canyon, and I should be able to do that in 1 month and 5-10 days. I recognize how many insecurities are in this endeavor, and if that is all I reach for financial reasons then I think I will have plenty of reasons to be proud. […]

A Wonderful Evening

It was a wonderful evening getting reacquainted with Paul, John and their families. The camping stories, and stories about how Charlie and Paul would go into the wilderness and get themselves into and then out of trouble abounded. Each story made me giggle. Apparently Charlie had had plenty of time polishing his camping skills by […]