Donations, Attention, and Hard Work!

I am not sure I thought about how much work would go in to preparing this walk when I first started this whole project, but here it is, and I am having fun! I also really want speaking engagements and it is time to get some attention from the media, July 20th is coming up […]

Dear Church

I really need your help. I am in my out reach phase – I need attention to this walk, I must raise some money and more than anything else, I want to talk with the American people about obesity, and what better place to start this conversation than close to home. So, I am reaching […]

I Need Your Help

So here it is, the dreaded fund raising. This means I will be asking for money and help from the community. If you can donate to my walk then I am going to ask for your donation. Whether you can handle $1 or $10,000, if you can my walk, please consider doing so. But there […]

Why Obesity?

When the thought to do this walk first occurred to me I quickly realized that this was a fund raising opportunity. I want to share with you why I decided on obesity as my cause. The obvious reason of course is my own weight – I am a big girl. I have struggled with my […]

An Ode to Friendship / 100 Days to departure

Yesterday as I spoke with my friend Maureen I felt such gratitude for this woman in my life. The last year has been especially difficult for me, and to have a friend like Maureen is a rare gift. I reminded Maureen that it was now already two months ago I had called her with an […]

105 days to departure

On Monday I start the official fund raising push. Today I walked six miles. The first three miles were wonderfully easy. I really remembered why I loved to walk so much in my teens and early twenties. My mind started to wander as thoughts, feelings, ideas and daydreams easily passed through me. I also remembered […]