Winter is here, now what?

Hey Guys, So, as some of you warned me Arizona can get wintery, and it is here. Ahead of me is the high desert with altitudes of 7000 ft, and those altitudes gets snow. (I HATE snow) I essentially have three choices: 1. Winterize my pack and continue on. The area up ahead gets nasty […]

A Letter to God

Dear God, I was struck, I know it was You. God, what is this? Lightening struck, I fell, heart pounding, breathless shock. God, what is this? Aching pain, God, what is this? Heart split open, painful ecstasy, I cried out: “God, what is this?” Many days and nights, I asked: “God, what is this? What […]

A Quick Little Update

Hey Guys, So, Ed and Mary invited me to stay for a few days, and I had such a great time that I couldnt seem to get moving. We had a fabulous 80th birthday party for a cousin of Ed’s, and I learned a lot about cake decorating. It was a whole lot of fun. […]

Let Me Count the Ways

Alright, so initially I was a little disappointed that I only lost 23 pounds, but having a weight of 266 pounds is beginning to feel good for a number of reasons – so let me list a few. I no longer have to lose over 100 pounds, in fact, I don’t even have to lose […]


Hey Guys, So, I am finally in Arizona, and a little proud that I managed to walk out of California. I left off with arrival in Needles – unfortunately sometimes getting my issues straightened with receiving money on the road needs some work when I get to Kingman next, because it took several days to […]