Goals and Fundraising Efforts!

Someone on Facebook asked me if my goals had changed now I was crazy in love with a man – and my answer was: Falling Inlove changes nothing and everything. It changes nothing because  I am still the same person, and The Trail means a lot to me. It changes everything because we are now two people merging our lives. So Yes, there is a change to my and our goals. At this point I am not planning to walk the full 9000 miles. I have been much, much slower than forecast for one thing. The slowness have been due to amazing experiences, and not something I want to rob myself off, but still, it is a factor. I am also clear now what kind of life I want to establish for myself and my sweetie when we are done walking – and even excited to do that. And so, I will not be “On the Trail” for several more years. At this point Preston and I are talking about either walking to Florida or to New York before we stop. I have walked about 1/3 of the way to Florida already – and I am proud as punch of that accomplishment!

Now that Preston has decided to come with me on The Trail I feel more focused than ever on what needs to happen to get us there. Our expenses are fairly simple:

Preston needs a little bit of gear – especially a cart, and some of my gear needs to be repaired or replaced. This will not be a huge expense, but still needs to be covered.

Replacement and repair of gear should run around $500.

Other than that, our expenses are: Food and Phones – and that’s it!

Preston has some money coming in from a few sources over the next year – it is not a huge amount, but it will still help quite a bit. In all, if we raise $5000 total then we will for sure be able to fund our walk to Florida, and possibly also to New York – although not the full circle around the US.

I am staying with some folks in NE Albuquerque who has started to sponsor an garage sale to raise money for our walk – and we are so honored for the help. So – it is ON! Yardsale in NE Albuquerque on July 19th to raise money for Preston and me to continue our walk. Want to be part of this? Have something to donate? Want to clear our your closets and get rid of the clutter? Please do support our efforts! Let me know if you can add anything to the garage sale please :).


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