Is one of those horrible, sometimes useful, often frozen feelings. Yesterday I was hit (again) by the magnitude of what I am doing. When I come home from my adventure I will have (almost) nothing, I might even sell my car. I have a few heirlooms that I won’t let go of, but that is […]

Perks for Donating

Someone just gave me a stellar idea, and I just implemented it. As thank you’s for donating to my cause I am giving up some perks. If you donate $15 or more then I will send you a post card from a state of your choosing. If you donate $25 or more then I will […]

Who Should I Fundraise For?

Hey Folks, So, I will put it to my good peeps out there, who do you think I should fundraise for once I have raised my own budget? I have three Charities in mind: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. They are focused on healthy, local, organic foods cooked scrumptiously. They also challenge the foods we serve […]

Big Changes Coming

Hey Guys, It looks increasingly likely that I will be able to depart in August. Wow, is all I can say. The decision will be finally made tomorrow as I must put in my 30 day notice on my apartment if I am to leave on August 24th. So stay tuned. There are some other […]