Death – My Death!

I am adopted, and I did not know my birth mom well, but I knew her some. She died at 56 years old and at the time of her death she weighed between 400-450 pounds. I am 41 years old and weigh just below 300 pounds. This walk can literally save my life, by helping […]

A Great Big Thank You – And…

Roni’s Weigh posting about my trip certainly got me some attention, and I am so grateful for the blurp. The stats on my site exploded, and with people from many countries. This walk is a labor of love, an adventure and the biggest challenge I have ever undertaken. So, please join me on facebook to […]

I Can Do This!

A few times during my preparations for this amazing walk I have had someone tell me that what I plan to do is so big, as to be ridiculously unrealistic. Just today I was told that I wasn’t doing a good job of branding myself due to my last name, among other things. Apparently this […]


Ok, so, I have been made aware that I all unintentionally and unknowingly walked right in to a political fire storm. One group of people do not like it when there are programs to fight against obesity. They feel we should accept all shapes and forms and fighting against overweight stigmatizes those who are bigger. […]

Abercrombie and Fitch CEO, Mike Jeffries, is a Douchebag

Abercrombie and Fitch are no strangers to controversy. In 2004 they lost 40 million dollars in a class action lawsuit because they discriminated against racial minorities. Now, CEO Mr. Jeffries has found a different target – a target that is not protected by laws. His target is overweight people. This statement from Business Insider about […]

Why Should I Care?

As expected this initial push for fund raising, and attention is absolutely the hardest push of them all. I am aware that once I actually start to walk, or even get closer to the departure date some of this initial push will get easier. The reactions I get to my plans vary hugely between excitement, […]