Fundraiser Garage and Bake Sale

Dear Friends –

It is here – we will have an fund raiser garage and bake sale this coming Saturday the 19th, starting early, early in the morning. I do need your help – I need it a lot actually!

The sale is on Palomas Ave NE in Albuquerque.

We have a great amount of stuff to sell, but never too much! Is it time to clear out your cupboards of unused stuff? If its time, please consider donating your unwanted items to the sale.

Want to help me spread the word about the benefit? Please do so – especially if you and your friends are nearby Albuquerque. This is to get Preston and me on the road in August!

If you are near Albuquerque, please show up and support the fundraiser – who knows, maybe my delicious pie’s or something else in the sale will tickle your fancy :).

Dont really have any cash for this, but want to meet me and Preston to say Hi? Please do show up and lend your support, we will be out there all day, I promise!

I hope to see you this Saturday!



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