Walk with Malene

This is my walk for sure – but I really want to make it our walk. I do this for me, no doubt about it, but I also do it for everyone out there who struggles with obesity the way I have struggled.

So I want to invite you to come walk with me. I would love for you to join me on the trail, whether for an hour or for days, I would love to have you. Alternatively, if you can’t actually join me on the trail then I would love for you to add walking to your day and tell me about the experience.

If you do join me in walking then I invite you to consider it a fundraising opportunity. LiveFit Revolution is a worthy cause, and a tax deductible donation. Here are some ideas for fundraising your walk:

  • Set a goal, and tell your friends about it. This is a chance to speak with those you love about your struggles with obesity, and ask for their support to increase your exercise level.
  • Use the “A Conversation with America” template and start to talk with people about obesity, and then ask for their support.
  • Hold a garage sale, and let the proceeds go to LiveFit Revolution.
  • Ask your company for sponsorship donations.

Please support my walk around the US


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