A Request for Help

Hello, this is a letter I sent out to some of my most ardent supporters. I can really use the help from everyone though! Most important thing right now: Please invite all your facebook friends to “like” my page. I really, really, really need the exposure. click here to donate Thanks, Malene Dear Friends, My […]

Gathering of Nations

I Love The Trail – things are never what I think they will be – but they are always perfect! Initially I thought several people I knew were going to GON and I figured what an amazing opportunity to hook up with known faces and new friends – so I was going to go, no […]

A Difficult Stretch – Burnside to Gallup to Grants

The stretch from Burnside, through Gallup to Grants continued with amazing connections, conversations and people. While it kept me enthralled with its beauty,┬áit saw me with several difficulties of various kinds. The walk from Burnside to Ganado was rather easy, although it was a larger road. I arrived in Ganado, found the chapter house and […]

Into New Mexico – Taking Stock

In the middle of Window Rock I entered New Mexico – my third state to walk in to! And I felt proud. More than anything, I realized just how much I have changed, learned and grown. It seems each stretch has had its own topic. When I first started out in Los Angeles, it was […]

Several Facebook Posts

Hey Guys, I have made a few facebook posts recently that I wanted to share also on my blog, so I will copy them in here. Not all of my blog readers read my facebook posts which is why the double posting. On Earth Day: I woke up this morning my sleeping form laying on […]