My Cats – A Very Difficult Situation

Dear Friends, As most animal lovers know – our four legged companions are incredibly important, and before departure I had to put mine in foster care. These kitties are incredibly dear to my heart. I can’t count the times they have purred on my chest and eased my heart when I was in the deepest, […]

The Arizona High Desert

So, I stayed with Bunnie and Darryl through Christmas and we had a great time. Christmas morning we hiked up to an abandoned crystal mine and hung out for a few hours. It was a nice hike up a steep hillside, and I felt so proud of the ease with which I did it. 4 […]

Happy Holidays

Dear Supporters, Friends and Family, A Great Big Happy Holidays to all of you. Thank you so much for your presence in my life, support on this crazy journey of mine. Each and everyone of you is a huge gift and support in my healing, ability to take back my life and reach even more […]

Through Kingman

I left off my last travel story returning to Mary and Ed in Mohave Valley to finish winterizing and replacing the wheel on my Cadillac. I had a really nice extra week with those two amazing people and road angels. We went to Yuma over the weekend to spend some time with Richard, a friend […]

High Carb, No Carb, High Protein?

There was a time when I tried to figure my way through various weight loss theories and plans to find the “perfect” option, and eventually I felt so confused that all I wanted to do was throw my hands in the air and stuff my face with – whatever. It took a college level class […]