A Plea to Medical Doctors Everywhere

Dear Doctor, I know you see many obese and even morbidly obese people in your practice. I am sure that sometimes it is frustrating to see these people suffer and at the same time question – why don’t they just change their life style? I know you are busy in your practice, and there is […]

AMA Has Designated Obesity a Disease 2

The last few days I have either gotten some things forwarded or stumbled over some information that has really challenged my thinking around obesity. This article by Dr. Lee M. Kaplan MD is one I really appreciate. I would like to highlight two quotes by this doctor and specialist in obesity: “The simple fact is […]

AMA Finally Designated Obesity as a Disease

I saw a headline yesterday, but was too self absorbed to follow it, today, someone asked me about that headline, and indeed the AMA has designated obesity as a disease. So, wanting to track this exciting development down, of course, google is my friend. And not too surprising I found a slew of articles and […]

I feel incredibly sad

Planning to walk around the US has been one of the biggest roller coasters of my life. One day, I have made connections or gotten someone interested in supporting me, and I am on top of the world. The next day it seems like nothing I do brings in the donations that I need to […]

My Budget, and Needs for the Walk

Someone asked some questions about how I will be using my budget for this walk. The budget can be briefly divided up like this: Gear: Camping Gear, Safety Gear, Re-purposed Stroller, Shoes, Clothing. Other daily needs – think soap, Sun Protection etc. Daily Expenses: Food, Water, Phone, Campground Expenses, Extremely Limited Hotel Budget, Health Insurance […]

My Weight Loss and Training Choices

So, the question has come up – what am I doing for weight loss. It is a fair question so I wanted to take a minute to answer it. When it comes to exercise the absolute, hands down most important exercise¬† I can do at this moment is walking, and I walk every day. I […]