Seligman to Ash Fork to Williams

So, I was stuck in Seligman for five days waiting for mail, and Seligman is tiny. It is also quite the tourist trap – with some interesting route 66 stores, but priced for tourists. There were a few retaurants as well, but the prices were a little exorbitant – if I were to recommend any […]

Grand Canyon Caverns

Since I got the opportunity to stay and relax at the Grand Canyon Caverns I wanted to tell you a little about this hidden gem. The Grand Canyon Caverns and Motel is a cute spot in the middle of no-where. It is about 11 miles from Peach Springs and 35 miles from Seligman. It is […]

Arrival in Seligman

So, I left David the next morning with a heart heavy with worry for my kitties, although I had managed to reach out to some folks that I knew could help me. My facebook page bore testament to this, as advertising asking for help with the cats took over from my usual travel stories. At […]

A Flier for My Cats

Foster Care Needed for 3 Cats I am currently in the process of walking 9000 miles around the US and my cats are losing their foster placement. I am very attached to these kitties, and will without a doubt come back and get them. If you can help please contact Dian Hardy: 707-824-8405 Sofie: A […]