Red Rock – Like Blood of The Mother

And so I left Indian Wells – Rich in new relationships, and as is often the case, it isn’t easy to leave those new friends. But The Trail was calling my name, and this next stretch was intense. I was headed towards Greasewood Springs. The walk from Indian Wells through Greasewood Springs and on to […]

Flagstaff – Take Two

Flagstaff second time around was in some ways a quiet experience. It took two weeks just to reduce the swelling of both my knee and ankle – in fact, I couldn’t even limp because I didnt know which leg to favor – argh! I managed to join in on an demonstration against the Uranium mining, […]

Leupp to Birdsprings

After a wonderful evening with Lina and her family I spent another half day writing at the chapter house and then I headed out towards Birdsprings. The very dry and barren desert with the red earth continued around me and I breathed it in. I was only 1.5 days walk from Birdsprings, which was good […]

Flagstaff to Starschool and Leupp

Good Gawd, but I am behind on my writing. Sorry Guys, so much has happened and I needed a break. So, I finally left Flagstaff, full of experiences and new relationships, and on I went with next stop being Starschool. It was two half days walk which suited me fine. Initially I was among the […]