Gathering of Nations

I Love The Trail – things are never what I think they will be – but they are always perfect! Initially I thought several people I knew were going to GON and I figured what an amazing opportunity to hook up with known faces and new friends – so I was going to go, no […]

A Difficult Stretch – Burnside to Gallup to Grants

The stretch from Burnside, through Gallup to Grants continued with amazing connections, conversations and people. While it kept me enthralled with its beauty,┬áit saw me with several difficulties of various kinds. The walk from Burnside to Ganado was rather easy, although it was a larger road. I arrived in Ganado, found the chapter house and […]

Into New Mexico – Taking Stock

In the middle of Window Rock I entered New Mexico – my third state to walk in to! And I felt proud. More than anything, I realized just how much I have changed, learned and grown. It seems each stretch has had its own topic. When I first started out in Los Angeles, it was […]

Several Facebook Posts

Hey Guys, I have made a few facebook posts recently that I wanted to share also on my blog, so I will copy them in here. Not all of my blog readers read my facebook posts which is why the double posting. On Earth Day: I woke up this morning my sleeping form laying on […]

Red Rock – Like Blood of The Mother

And so I left Indian Wells – Rich in new relationships, and as is often the case, it isn’t easy to leave those new friends. But The Trail was calling my name, and this next stretch was intense. I was headed towards Greasewood Springs. The walk from Indian Wells through Greasewood Springs and on to […]

Flagstaff – Take Two

Flagstaff second time around was in some ways a quiet experience. It took two weeks just to reduce the swelling of both my knee and ankle – in fact, I couldn’t even limp because I didnt know which leg to favor – argh! I managed to join in on an demonstration against the Uranium mining, […]