Everything Just Got This Much More Real

Dear Friends, 1 month ago I had a crazy, insane, way-out-there idea and I called my best friend ever. Two hours of breathless conversation with my friend assured me that this idea indeed was crazy, and I needed to continue to focus on it. It has been an amazing month, and here it is. The […]

Dear Charity

I would love to share a really inspiring conversation I had today. I spoke with Jonathon Stalls who walked across the US in 2010. I had reached out to Jonathon in the hopes of getting feedback and information for my planning. Jonathon was incredibly generous with his time and feedback. Jonathon’s trip across the US […]

A Conversation with America

On July 25th, 2013 I will depart Bodega Bay, CA to walk the circumference of the United States. I do this for me – as a way to take back control of my weight and my life. Even more than that, I do it for every single obese person out there. It is time we […]