We all know we need to drink our water – lots of it. But, sometimes it becomes tedious. So, here are some ideas – some of the ideas are super healthy, others are excellent replacements for old unhealthy habits, but should be indulged in moderation.

Spa Water:
1 Bunch of Mint
1/2 English Cucumber – sliced.
sliced ginger
2 sliced lemons

Mix with 4 gallons of water and stick in the fridge.

Cold Herbal Teas – I brew a few gallons of mint tea every few days and stick in the fridge.

Less Healthy Options:
Mix your favorite juice with fizzy water in a 50/50 mixture. Healthier than soda, but indulge in moderation.

1 pack of your favorite frozen berry.
1/2 cup waterLarge Bottle of Fizzy Water

Boil berries and water for 15 mins. Strain the mixture and add to fizzy water. Soda Alternative – but indulge in moderation.

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