I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or want to be involved in this walk in any way.

Malene.comes (at)



5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Malene, What an ambitious goal. I hope you are able to make it. I live in Fresno, Ca which is near your route. It was 109 degrees here today. High 90’s are more common in summer. If you need to get in from the heat or to sleep overnight, please contact me. I’m a 66 year old divorced male. I can offer you a queen sized airbed in my spare bedroom and a private bathroom. You can do your laundry here too if you wish. Call me at 559-408-5251 and let it ring 6 times in case I’m away from home with my cell phone. Good luck in your great adventure. Curtis

    • Dear Curtis,

      Thank you so much for your offer, I hope you will keep an eye on this blog as well. I do have family in Fresno, Clovis and Madera that I am looking forward to visit with so that part of my trip is fairly well covered. I would love to meet up with you when I come through though :). Malene

  2. Hi Malene! What an inspiration. I have many times thought about just starting to walk across the U.S. I am not obese, but I do have a goal: to get the American public to talk openly and honestly about childhood abuse, specifically sexually assault. I have been writing a book a bout it, which is partially published, a memoir about going “underground” with my daughter when she was 2 years old, in order to protect her from being abused by my family. I don’t know if you’d be interested in having this message attached to yours, but I’d like to discuss maybe walking with you, if you’d like. Many obese people have sexual abuse in their background . . .

    Warm Wishes,
    Ann Willow

    • Dear Ann, so sorry it took me a while to get back to you, I must have completely overlooked these messages which is not like me. As you see I have recently posted some stuff about sexual assault on my facebook page, and yes, talk about healing and emotional health in many different ways. You are more than welcome to engage more with me about your issues and we can see where it takes us. I volunteered as a rape crisis counselor for 5-6 years as well. Where are you at? I always welcome people to walk with me :). We will have some fun. Malene

  3. I just noticed several typos in my message – should read: “specifically sexual assault. I have been writing a book about it . . .”

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