The Conversation

When it comes to weight loss we are doing something wrong. 61 billion dollars were spent on weight loss products last year, but 300,000 people died from obesity related complications. The 300,000 dead is not  a statistic. They are our friends, our mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, siblings and grandparents. They did not ask to be obese, and they did not deserve the world of health related hurt that they lived through.

Topics for discussion with the American Public during this trip include:

  • Why do we struggle so much making the changes we need to make to get healthier?
  • What really works for us to lose weight, and what really does not work?
  • Discrimination / Bullying
  • Lack of energy, depression or shattered self confidence affecting obesity.
  • How can we take back our power and our lives?
  • And Yes, nutrition and exercise is important, how can we get and stay motivated?
  • Any other obesity related topic – hit me up if you have an idea.

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2 thoughts on “The Conversation

  1. Dear Marlene,
    It is very inspiring to hear about your journey. I hope you find keep going…I think it’s so important to hear from the “inside” from folks about the struggle with obesity, depression, faith, hormones, and so on. As a psychologist, I am very touched to hear of your journey. God Speed,
    Cammy Michel

    • Thanks Cammy, and welcome to the adventure, I hope you will follow my journey of redemption, faith, growth and kick ass adventure. I have never before had so much fun, although this isn’t for everyone I am loving it.

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