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Hey Guys,

I have made a few facebook posts recently that I wanted to share also on my blog, so I will copy them in here. Not all of my blog readers read my facebook posts which is why the double posting.

On Earth Day:

I woke up this morning my sleeping form laying on the ground. I packed up my gear, and I started to walk – the ground was intimately and directly underneath my feet. I feel her wind, the moisture in the air, the heat of the sun – all directly and intimately. Around me – more red rock shimmers in the sun. I do nothing out of the ordinary today – because to me – every single day is earth day. Every night her gentle turn rocks me to sleep, as I gently drift into her dreamy arms. The passing of the stars above me reminding me of the size of my universe. Every day her sun, her rain and her wind nurtures my soul and as she feeds everything alive. I step on a stone, and notice its beauty below me. I feel her soft powdery dust, her mud or her hard backed ground. Having one day a year dedicated to The Earth seems almost perverse to me. How can not every single day, every single moment, every single breath be dedicated to The Mother that so nurtures us?
On Witnessing the lives of our Indigenous People:
Dear Friends, I just made a post on a different thread that I think with some rewriting belongs on this wall. I just spent several months first with Navajo people in Flagstaff, then walking through The Navajo Nation, and last weekend with mainly indigenous people in Albuquerque. I have been fed by families who really only had potatoes to offer a guest, and stayed with people who didn’t have running water or electricity. I have witnessed discrimination of a magnitude to make me gasp in horror, and ongoing, current, real genocide. And I mean genocide, right here, now, today. I have talked with families whose loved ones were knowingly poisoned in the mines, and not offered sufficient medical care when they got cancer. I have spoken with people who lived through present day forced relocation from their ancestral lands, and witnessed horrendous desecration of their sacred places. I have spoken with people in Albuquerque who has lost loved ones to police brutality – as Albuquerque has the highest per capita population of Indigenous people, and the highest per capita incidents of police shootings to the death – and it is not the white people that are killed. I have spoken with many people who were forcefully removed from their families as very young children and placed in boarding schools, where they were physically punished for speaking their language and where Christianity were forced on them – this happened as late as the 1980’s.
Through all that I experienced graciousness, openness, kindness, hospitality and community to stun me with beauty. I have gone to bed more than once trying to hide my tears as I struggle to reconcile the beauty and the horror. Or called my girlfriend sobbing when either the beauty of connections I made or the horror of trauma that surrounds me simply got too much. I have also offered, from the bottom of my heart, understanding and respect for the desire to stand up to the horror. So, Yes, you are all witnessing an awakening that seems to take a political turn. Really, it is me being incredibly open to hear, to witness and to speak out about the world I experience.
On the holocaust and the slaughter of Indigenous people in The Americas:
I was raised in a country that was occupied by the Germans during both world wars. Consequently I was brought up with the stories told me by parents and grandparents about the holocaust. Someone pointed out recently that the genocide of Indigenous people in The Americas were much worse. So here are some numbers. From 1933-1945 11 million people were killed in German concentration camps. About 6 million were Jews, and this constituted about 2/3’s of European Jews. The rest were Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s witnesses, the Disabled and general dissenters. These numbers are disturbing, but they pale compared to what happened in The Americas. It is estimated that there were 50-100 million Indigenous peoples in The Americas when Columbus first arrived here to “Christianize” the heathens. By the early 1900’s there were about 1,8 million Indigenous people left. These numbers dwarf the horrors of the Holocaust. It gets worse though – because in the US, we are STILL killing our Indigenous population. Specifically, we are killing Indigenous people in our mines, through police brutality, through an extremely high rate of rape and violent crimes against Indigenous people, perpetrated mainly by white peope and through other violent means. We also commit atrocities through poverty, the Indigenous people are still under the power of the Indian Bureau, run by white people. I think we all need to bring some awareness and action to this. And when The US stand up as the “moral police” of the world, might we have enough honesty to look inwards?

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