Leupp to Birdsprings

After a wonderful evening with Lina and her family I spent another half day writing at the chapter house and then I headed out towards Birdsprings.

The very dry and barren desert with the red earth continued around me and I breathed it in. I was only 1.5 days walk from Birdsprings, which was good because a storm was brewing. That night I found a nice camping spot, and set up my tent. The next morning, just as I was slowly getting out of the tent I was hailed by a family. They were church members in the same church that Lina goes to, and they had coffee and breakfast for me – delightful. In fact, a couple more people stopped by with coffee that morning, it was sweet.

As I continued to walk some youngsters stopped several times to take pictures of me – the newspaper article had made a splash.


Finally I got on the road and walked the last 4 miles to Birdsprings – none too early as I blew with the wind into the chapter house. A wind advisory for the day showed gusts of up to 50 mph – not fun. As I looked out the windows I saw a dust storm of proportions, and wished for a host for the night. In spite of efforts by myself and Klee, no hosts showed, and at 5 pm I made it out the door and in to the storm. I found lay behind a building, and to my surprise, by 6 pm the wind died down completely. I was relieved, but still planned to hang around Birdsprings through the weekend (3 more days) due to promised rain and wind.

The next day I returned to the chapter house – and settled in to write for the day. The chapter house manager approached me, offered me a shower at the Sr. Center and I got my laundry done. Wonderful! Then I was offered a key to the chapter house so I could stay the weekend and be out of the weather. It was a huge relief. That evening Belinda from Flagstaff drove out to spend a couple of hours with me – it was another wonderful sharing!

While the chapter house had a couple of happenings that weekend, and I managed to meet some people, I will admit it was wonderfully quiet there, and I got caught up on much needed sleep. I was exhausted, was mostly caught up on writing and was glad of the quiet time. Monday morning I hit the trail bright and early at 8 am after handing over the key.



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