Flagstaff – Take Two

Flagstaff second time around was in some ways a quiet experience. It took two weeks just to reduce the swelling of both my knee and ankle – in fact, I couldn’t even limp because I didnt know which leg to favor – argh!

I managed to join in on an demonstration against the Uranium mining, that was scheduled to remember the Fukushima accident.

I also got to join a film showing of “High Power” by Pradeep Indulkar. This is an amazing documentary showing the impact of a nearby nuclear power plant on the people in India. Pradeep is an engineer that worked for a nuclear power plant, but realized the amount of damage done by these power plants and decided to expose it. It was a very powerful film.

At the end of the two weeks I got in to see Dr. Milgram, an Chiropractor in downtown Flagstaff. He got my knee and my ankle adjusted right quick, and they were both way out. The pain soon went away and I started to be ready walk.

I got an extra three weeks in Flagstaff. It gave me time to strengthen several relationships I had already started to build. Between the two stops I spent 6 weeks in Flagstaff, and during that time I build more relationships than in years in N. CA. I am deeply touched by all the people I met in Flagstaff, and I suspect there might be great work for me to do should I return there. No  other place so far on my journey touched me as deeply as Flagstaff and the people I met there. I say this not lightly, right now, Flagstaff is on my top list to return to when this journey is done!

So, a special thank you to:

Belinda and Jacob
And everyone else I met. Please know, I hold all of you in my heart as I walk on.


3 thoughts on “Flagstaff – Take Two

  1. It’s good to know there are good people out there who’ve got your best interests/health at heart! Arizona is a great state and we love it very much, although we don’t originally hail from there. People take you as you are & love you. ‘Nuff said! Keep up the good walk, girl! You’re doing great!!!!

    • Thanks Cassi, we will see, I have a long walk ajead of me. Right now I suspect I might settle down eventually around flagstaff

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