Birdsprings and Right Back to Flagstaff!


I was 30 miles from Dilkon and wanted to make it in 3 days flat. I knew that would be pushing my abilities some, but it was time to stretch my mileage. That day I met Navajo Police Officer Yeslith who has now taken an interest in my walk, and I was grateful.

The next couple of days I kept my head down and focused on getting mileage put on me. My right shin was incredibly sore and showed signs of beginning shin splints. It worried me some, but the pain wasnt overwhelming so I pushed through it. The red earth and deep desert still held me and challenged me emotionally, and at the end of the day I was exhausted.

The desert was still barren, but now around me I had small mountains and mesa’s of incredible color and formations. So gorgeous, I was in awe.


I pushed well, and was exactly on track to reach Dilkon on day three – in fact, I made good time, when I stopped on day 2 I was only 5 miles out. Then, late afternoon on the second day, I stepped off the road on to what looked like solid ground, but was deep mud, and my left leg slid out and disappeared under me. I felt a crack in my left knee and my right ankle, which was already compromised. Shook up, I picked myself up off the ground and took stock. I could still walk – nothing broken. I cautiously continued to walk for another mile, when I realized that I was hurt enough to stop. I set up camp, got some food and crawled into the tent, while reaching out to my safety team – Maureen, Jeff and Klee. Klee in Flagstaff immediately offered that I could go back there to recuperate, and through the evening my knee swelled up and I was in pain. It was clear that I was not yet done with Flag!

The next morning Officer Yeslith surprised me with breakfast – Thank You! After which I packed up and returned by way of hitch hiking to Flagstaff.


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