Back on The Reservation – Dilkon to Indian Wells


When I was finally ready to walk again Nathan took me back out on The Reservation, to just before Dilkon. It was late afternoon when I got there, so I didn’t walk more than a couple miles before settling in for the night. The next morning I got a slightly late start, and to my dismay the wind started to pick up again. I blew in to Dilkon’s Basha’s which is a grocery store, and got some lunch while settling in for the day. Outside were wind gusts of up to 65 mph, but forecast promised it would die down that evening, as is customary. At around 6 pm I found the lay side of a building and settled in for the night.

The next morning relatives of Officer Yeslith found me and offered me breakfast – so yummy and nutritious. This day was gorgeous – the wind had settled down, the sun was out and the landscape now had much more vegetation – bushes, hills and variation. It was wonderful. I saw several herds of horses that made me stop, nicker an hello at them and just enjoy the beauty. Should I choose to move to this part of the world then I would give up on having the ocean nearby – but having horses around might make up for that. These horses were smallish, perfectly proportioned and clearly the race contained all colors. From speaking with locals I have learned that here tamed horses often intermingle with wild horses. They were free, curious and took my breath away.


Lina from Leupp passed me early in the day and said Hi. Then Lina’s friend Charlene passed me late in the day, stopped and invited me to her house in Indian Wells. I was excited and looked forward the visit.

I wanted to walk at least 10 miles that day, and reached my goal.


The next morning I got to Indian Well chapter house, but when I first got there it was closed for lunch. The Sr. Center was right next to the chapter house and they waved me over to eat with them. I was treated to a nice lunch and fabulous stories from an 81 year old gentleman. The stories were of local wells and how they got named. I also got a story of the life trajectory of people, and the road we walk. I loved all the stories. And then I went over to the chapter house  and settled in to write – but I was too tired to get anything done. I figured Charlene would find me at the chapter house, but when they closed, she still hadnt come for me. I found lay behind a building, and waited for her. At around 6 pm I figured she just hadn’t found me and set up around there for the night. I got a solid nights sleep, and the next morning Charlene and Helen found me. Helen is the chapter manager in Indian Wells.


I was whisked to Charlene’s place for Navajo Tacos and a shower. Wonderful! We had a nice conversation, and then I went down to the chapter house to sit and write for the afternoon.

That evening with Charlene, Kiana, Carmen and Trevor was wonderful. I was fed like a queen, and our conversation took us far and wide.


Pictures above with me, Charlene, Helen and one more lady from the chapter house.

The next morning Charlene burned cedar and said some prayers for me. And I returned to the chapter house to finish my writing. I also got another lunch at the Sr. Center, and was introduced to everyone by the President there who asked me to say a few words about my journey. It seems out here everyone understands my walk, the purpose and the beauty of this endeavor.


6 thoughts on “Back on The Reservation – Dilkon to Indian Wells

  1. Just a small note, I’m glad to hear from you, it’s also good to know that there are still a lot of  great people in this world. Seems like you are always being welcomed to the places you are.   May God continue to bless you.   Love in Christ,   Uncle Charlie


  2. It was nice hear from you again. Im glad your okay and back on road again. I love hearing your stories of the people you meet and things you are seeing along the way…Looking forward to reading about your further adventures as you walk across America. Love Paul

    • Thanks Cassi, yes, my face has some color now! I don’t even really look white…

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