Good Bye Flagstaff

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow I leave Flagstaff and head towards the Navajo Nation for an 190 mile long walk in to Gallup, New Mexico. While I leave The Navajo Nation just before Gallup,  my next major stop is Albuquerque, New Mexico – 335 miles down the road.


My Flagstaff stop has been eventful, educational and it has touched my heart. I have several articles in the hopper about my stop here, but have found that I need a little distance in time to adequately put my experiences on paper.

Flagstaff has taken me out of my comfort zone in some ways, and in other ways deeper into a different comfort zone.

I have seen discrimination against people of color in Flagstaff to shock my sense of decency. I have seen political activism, environmental activism and an active underground to make me smile.


I have listened to stories from Navajo people to open my eyes and heart to current struggles, injustices and destruction of land.

I have lived communally again and allowed myself to enjoy the experience enough to make me think of future choices.


Most of all – as always – I have met amazing people. So, tomorrow I move out towards Starschool, Arizona. I promise to do my best to get my articles and pictures from my stay in Flagstaff up soon, but I have found that sometimes I need some distance in time to be a better writer.

Yesterday I started to walk Starschool without my pack as Klee offered car support. Tomorrow I gear up and leave Flagstaff, and the Good Bye is a smidgen sad.


And, for the near future, the Navajo Nation does not offer much cell phone connectivity. I will be out there for a full month and will probably only surface periodically.


6 thoughts on “Good Bye Flagstaff

  1. Thank you soooo much Malene for stopping here! And for everything! I am sad I wont be able to see you off or say goodbye in person cause I will be at work…it was so wonderful to meet you! I will be thinking about you, I hope you have a wonderful trip and you encounter only kind people and awesome adventures! Please take care! ♥ -Dawn

  2. I think the most memorable moments will be of those you left behind. So keep it up, “Leaving those behind” so that your heart opens even more for “Those AHEAD”.

    • Thank you so much Larry. And yes, these days my heart is frighteningly open. No real shields around. It is scary and gorgeous and I want more.

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