Seligman to Ash Fork to Williams

So, I was stuck in Seligman for five days waiting for mail, and Seligman is tiny. It is also quite the tourist trap – with some interesting route 66 stores, but priced for tourists. There were a few retaurants as well, but the prices were a little exorbitant – if I were to recommend any of them I would go for Roadkill Cafe. Seligman stands out to me as the only place where I was not invited in for a shower, or received direct hospitality in spite of staying there several days. They do have a really nice tiny library. Much of my time in Seligman was spent looking for a place for my kitties as that remained a huge concern of mine. At this time the kitties are in temporary foster care, but I need something permanent for them, so the search is ongoing. Thank you to Darryl and Julli for standing up. I know my babies are in safe hands with the two of you and I am so grateful and relieved.

After Seligman I headed to Ash Fork. Seligman was at 5100 ft and the road to Ash Fork took me over a 5700 ft mountain, but Ash Fork was at the same height as Seligman. In Ash Fork I headed in to the Oasis Lounge which is a really nice bar that is getting gorgeous with remodeling. The Oasis Lounge also offers fabulous, home cooked from scratch Mexican food. Jim, the owner and bar tender was really nice company. We spent some time talking, and that evening I was offered to stay in a house Jim had behind the bar. It was empty, with no electricity or running water, but it was inside. Lynda, the upstairs teacher offered me – showers! I got my period again and stayed an extra day. This extra day gave me the chance to meet Lisa and Larry from Las Vegas, and what a treat that was. They drove to Flagstaff to buy me a Go-Pro camera – so folks, look forward to even better pictures and some movies from me in the near future. I am still learning the ins and outs of that fancy little camera. Getting a camera like that just before the Grand Canyon, I am so excited. And, even more amazing, this marks the first completely normal period I have had in 10 years. It was on schedule, and not so overly heavy I was completely disabled for days. I was thrilled, and only stayed one extra day in Ash Fork. I can highly recommend the Oasis Lounge in Ash Fork if you step in. Friendly people, good company, excellent food and of course, it’s a bar. Ohh, and I am sure Jim will be thrilled to beat you in pool.

And then, it was onwards to Williams – Williams is the entry to the Grand Canyon – folks – I made it! Williams was only 18 miles from Ash Fork. However, Ash Fork was at elevation 5100 ft, Williams at elevation 6800 ft. I made those 18 miles in 4 days, and felt proud! Those were some steep hills and I was challenged, huffing and puffing as I also felt the elevation. I was hosted by Richard for a couple of days in Williams, but he had to return to Phoenix today so I am spending a day checking out Williams. It was so luxurious with a soft bed, and the bed even had a heating blanket on it. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Then I got laundry done and several showers – Luxury! Tomorrow I take the bus to the Grand Canyon to spend a night before returning, by bus to Williams. Then I head on to Flagstaff.


2 thoughts on “Seligman to Ash Fork to Williams

  1. Great to catch up with you & all your news. So glad you got your cats taken care of!! That’s got to be a relief? So….onto Flagstaff soon. Is there snow in Williams? When we were there a few yrs. back in December, there was at least a foot or so. How’s the Cadillac holding up? Take care and safe travels!

    • Hey Cassi, Yes, the cats being safe is a HUGE relief. I want them in stable situations, but they are safe! There is snow in the little crevices where the sun doesnt really reach in Williams, but very little of it. Nights are cold though. The Cadillac is doing fine right now. I know I have too much weight on it, but the roads are fairly even right now and that helps a great deal.

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