Grand Canyon Caverns

Since I got the opportunity to stay and relax at the Grand Canyon Caverns I wanted to tell you a little about this hidden gem.


The Grand Canyon Caverns and Motel is a cute spot in the middle of no-where. It is about 11 miles from Peach Springs and 35 miles from Seligman. It is also just over a hundred miles from the Grand Canyon. The people here are incredibly friendly and helpful making your stay that much nicer.


The Inn itself is cute, the outside has a lot of Route 66 memorabilia, the rooms are comfortable, the beds comfy, and the hot water showers – should you come in from outside cold – are wonderfully hot. There is a gift shop with some food items in the hotel, and just up the street is the caverns with a larger gift shop and a restaurant – although the restaurant is closed during the winter off season. The area has gorgeous trails into the Arizona foot hills, and it is so wonderfully far away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives that you can take the time to relax and settle in to the beauty.

Up around the caverns is a gorgeous RV park. Each hook up has space and green trees, even a sense of privacy.

Of course, the main attraction there are the Caverns, and I did not regret doing that tour, it was the neatest.

The caverns – 270 miles below the surface – had plenty to see – mineral deposits creating solid formations and gorgeous colors.

20140104_161526 20140104_161234 20140104_163308

These caverns were completely dry, and apparently the air came into the caverns from the Grand Canyon 100 miles away through cracks in the limestone. The pressure between the temperature in the caverns and the canyon created a “breathing” effect. The air got filtered through those stones and it took 2 weeks for it to travel to the caverns. There was also a prehistoric “ground sloth” that had fallen into the caverns and died that they had preserved. They could even see the scratches in the stone as the sloth had tried to climb out. Towards the end of the tour our guide turned off all the lights, as this was the last tour of the day, and the darkness was more complete than I have ever before experienced. It was a little eerie, but cool at the same time.

There was also a hotel room set up in the caverns, and it had all the amenities of a modern room including a kitchen and tv. I think it would be a deeply spiritual experience to sleep that deep inside our Mother for a full night! Several other neat things to see in those caverns – so if you pass through – it is a must-stop.



6 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Caverns

  1. I have enjoyed all your experence that you have sent me, seems like people know you when you get to their location, I’m very happy for you and I’m sure be able to wright a very interesting book and I know you will be a very proud Lady.   Uncle Charlie


  2. You better be hoofing it Malene! You’ve got work to do, one step at a time. Haven’t seen a recent update. The party’s over!!!

    Just kidding…a little humor.

    • Tomorrow Jeff, I promise! I am in Williams – 6800 ft up

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