A Flier for My Cats

Foster Care Needed for 3 Cats

I am currently in the process of walking 9000 miles around the US and my cats are losing their foster placement. I am very attached to these kitties, and will without a doubt come back and get them. If you can help please contact Dian Hardy: 707-824-8405


A sweet, old Lady – at 18 years old Sofie is an amazing old lady. She is still active and is as always snuggly and LOVE humans. Her day is usually spent in the sun, snoozing or on someone’s lap. She has a loud, emphatic purr and prefers humans over other cats. Sofie’s nickname is Sofie the Magnificent.

CIMG0090 CIMG0095

2012-01-23 20.20.45


Niles is an all out charmer! He must be able to go outside and is extra-ordinarily active and athletic. He loves, loves, loves both humans and other cats. He is usually top cat, but a gentle ruler. Niles is Siamese talkative and will tell you long stories or voice his discontent. He is a snuggler and will come running to you when you come home, loudly saying “hello” and craving your snuggles. Niles has a tendency to charm everyone he meets and can’t actually imagine that someone is not enamored by him. Niles’ nickname is Big Boy or Lover Boy.

2012-02-24 14.49.54 2012-02-24 16.18.50

2012-06-23 19.08.33


Vanya was feral until she was 6 months old, and I have tamed her. She is extremely shy around strangers and will need a quiet, patient hand. She has also been outside since I left and this will have strengthened her independence. She is however very tame and incredibly sweet and loyal, with zero tendency to scratch or bite in spite of her feral background. When Vanya relaxes around you she loves to be stroked and talked with. She is not a lap cat, but still manages to communicate her need for strokes and attention. Vanya is extra-ordinarily intelligent and will just need some time to relax around you. She and Niles are very close buds. Vanya’s nickname is “Sweet, Sweet Vanya”. She really is a sweet kitty.

2012-02-29 19.28.51 2012-02-03 21.10.53 2012-01-25 22.24.00


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