My Cats – A Very Difficult Situation

Dear Friends,

As most animal lovers know – our four legged companions are incredibly important, and before departure I had to put mine in foster care.
These kitties are incredibly dear to my heart. I can’t count the times they have purred on my chest and eased my heart when I was in the deepest, darkest places. My tears have soaked through their coats more times than I can count, and I have refrained from hurting myself because they were there. There isn’t a day when I don’t miss them, and wish I could have them with me. Even more, feel incredibly guilty that I promised to be there near them always, and right now I have to, I must look after myself and do this walk. I cant rush home and take these babies back, much as I am inclined to at this very second.

Tonight I was told that the lady who has been looking after them can no longer do so, and I have 20 days to get a different home for them. I am trying to wipe my eyes and have faith here, but these cats are so special and I can’t let them go. It was made clear to me that if I do not have a different home for them in 20 days they go to the nearby shelter.

My 18 year old kitty – Sofie – as special as she is, has apparently become incontinent so I will have her euthanized. I knew I might not see her again when I set out. She is a gorgeous girl, but she is old. She is such a loving, gorgeous kitty and will always have a special place in my heart.

This leaves me with Niles and Vanya. Vanya ran away before my departure, but I really want to try to trap her again. She and Niles are very close, but she might need some very gentle, patient care. Niles is such an amazing, charming, sweet and loving, fun kitty. Although, he does need to go outside. Niles is one of those special kitties that just about everyone falls in love with instantly. He is a Bengal, siamese mix and very talkative.

I need help here finding Niles and Vanya a spot together. I can’t pay much, although I will do everything in my power to pay for their expenses. I prefer to keep them in N. Ca, because I don’t know how to afford getting them transported, although my parents might help with this if it comes down to it. Niles also gets incredibly motion sick so if he needs to drive too far I need to get him vet care before departure.

Please repost this, and help me find a spot for Niles and Vanya. They are sweet, loving, gorgeous kitties in their prime. I will come home and get them, they are in my soul. And if nothing else, please help me pray that a road angel appears for Niles and Vanya.

This hits at a difficult spot because I will be out of reach for the next 10 days. If there is anything you can do please contact Maureen Griffo. She will help facilitate. mgriffo(at), or Maureen Griffo on facebook. And say a prayer for all of us. My heart will absolutely break if I have to let go of both Niles and Vanya, they are incredible cats.


6 thoughts on “My Cats – A Very Difficult Situation

  1. Are you still providing money for food and money for foster care. I can advertise in Sonoma County as well as site here in Napa.

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    • Hey Amy,

      I am trying to, but in spite of my best intentions not always able to. Sometimes I have trouble raising enough money to feed myself out here. Whenever I can, I take care of their expenses at the very least. Whomever takes them on probably need to do it as much to support the adventure and for the love of the cats as for the money. If they will work with me then I will work hard to take care of their expenses. Malene

    • Hey Rosemarie, they are now in sebastopol, but anywhere in n. Ca is good. Thanks

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