Through Kingman

I left off my last travel story returning to Mary and Ed in Mohave Valley to finish winterizing and replacing the wheel on my Cadillac.

I had a really nice extra week with those two amazing people and road angels. We went to Yuma over the weekend to spend some time with Richard, a friend of theirs, for his 83rd birthday celebration, and a really neat time.

During my time with Mary and Ed I received my tent, winter jacket and new wheel, and finally, it was time to truly and well get back on the road. I had let off about 8 miles from Kingman, but that took almost two days due to the steep hill. I was proud as punch though when I finally got there. That was a 3000 ft climb during 52 miles. It was harsh as there was also a little bit of downhill, followed by even more uphill. I had planned to not really look for hosting in Kingman just because I wanted to move on after returning to Mohave Valley so many times.


As I walked into Kingman though, I was flabbergasted by how much I craved interaction with others. I wanted noise, people and multiple conversations. This experience was so new for me, but I really enjoyed it. I ended up spending two nights in various hiding spots as I made my way through the area. Because I craved the experience of meeting new people and interacting I looked for places to hang in the evening before settling in, consequently both nights it was well past dark before I found my hiding spots. While I was in Kingman I managed to get a different stove that works with the ubiquitous propane and I was grateful to Big 5 for their additional help.


Above image was a sunrise while sleeping in Kingman. The US flag in the sunrise.

And onwards I went towards Hackberry, making it through both Kingman and New Kingman-Butler. About 3 miles out from New Kingman-Butler I pulled over for the night, and surprised myself with feeling really crappy and taking a day off. After my day off, I woke up and realized what the “feeling really crappy” was all about – another round of my period to make me sick as a dog. And true to form, when I need help it appears!

Bunny is a local here in New Kingman – Butler and she really wanted to meet me after seeing my story on facebook. I got invited to her place for a shower – which turned in to staying for a fabulous solstice celebration. Bunny and Darryl are stunning cooks and thrive on using tons of delicious, fresh ingredients so the evening started with an incredible feast.


A couple of Bunny and Darryls friends – Kristina and Este – were also over. After the feast we lit an all night fire to celebrate the longest night of the year.


I made firebread – bread dough that is baked on sticks directly over coals. And Bunny had made some incredible spiced blue berry syrup. In spite of intentions – only Darryl and I managed to stay awake all night with the fire, but we had some great connections and conversations. And the morning dawned brilliant and stunningly beautiful as we greeted the new sun.

Bunny, Darryl and me ringing in the rising sun and celebrating the new day.

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I plan to stay here for Christmas, and then on to Hackberry.

And for the heck of it – a picture of the full moon with some branches in the middle.



2 thoughts on “Through Kingman

  1. Malene, I’ve just finished a book I think you’d like. It’s called The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and, yes, it’s about another pilgrim. Harold thinks he’s walking to save someone’s life and he’s right, for awhile, but ultimately it’s his own life that’s saved. Keep on truckin’!

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