National Article Mentions Me

Hey Guys,

A large AP national article about people walking across the US mentions me. I am excited.



6 thoughts on “National Article Mentions Me

  1. What a great article ….I once again will support you as much as I can; I am trying to get off some of my medications and right now I am in a lot of fibromyalgia pain, this is day 3 without my Lyrica. I will put more money into your acct. on thur. the 27th Malene. Thank you for sharing. I have also fought weight issue’s my whole adult life., I know your struggle’s…keep on…Have a wonderful Holiday, I will be home alone and thinking maybe even writing you….

    • Dear Rosemarie, Thank you so much for all your support and kindness. I am sorry you are going to be alone over the weekend and I always love both letters and phone calls. I might end up on my own as well. Happy Holiday to you as well. Malene

  2. You’ll end up in Wikipedia I predict when your done. Too bad about that trekker killed near Kit Carson. You may have noticed serrated strips on highways near the roadside. They’re called rumble strips and designed to make a loud vibration sound when a vehicle veers out of the lane in case the driver dozes off or can’t see well in fog. It’s an alert system in a way. Be careful walking in that fog!!!!!


    • Hey Jeff, I was aware of the death of Bell, and I have long said I believe the biggest danger out here are the cars. I do everything I can to pay attention and protect myself. Malene

  3. This is a wonderful thing you are doing. I found you because of the AP article, however, I am having a hard time finding out where you are right now. That should be on the home page of your website. Maybe it is and I am just not seeing it. Travel safe and have a wonderful journey.

    • Dear TJ,
      Welcome to the adventure and thank you for the kudo’s. I am currently in Kingman AZ. My blog is about a lot of different topics – the adventure and journey, the wonderful people who I meet or who in other ways support me, weight loss, my efforts to regain myself and love are probably the main topics. As with any blog at any given time the top article might be about any of those topics. If you have questions then you are welcome to ask them or in any other way talk with me on my blog or on my facebook fan page. I answer all posts personally. I will say this though, one development inside me is I have stopped letting people tell me what should or should not be on this walk, facebook, blog or generally in my life. In this case I am not a professional marketer just a woman on a walk My facebook page is Kind regards, Malene

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