Getting Back on the Road – All Winterized!

I suspect my walk between Mohave Valley and Kingman will require at least one full chapter in the book I hope to write, just because it has taken so long, and I have returned to Mary and Ed 4 times now. My period, weather, the need to winterize my pack and finally a broken wheel on my Cadillac all seemed to conspire against me. While I know Ed and Mary would prefer me to stay at least through Christmas I am definitely ready to get back on the road and continue my adventure! The upcoming walk is between Kingman AZ and Williams AZ. I plan to hug the side roads next to highway 40 to be in relatively well traveled areas if I get caught in scary winter weather.

I am finally all winterized – and great big thanks goes to several people:

Ed and Mary for sleeping bag, boots and gloves
Robin and Paul for tent
Judiann for winter jacket, rain poncho and cash donation
My Dad for cash donation
Richard for cash donation.

The new wheel for my Cadillac should be here in a few days, maybe as early as tomorrow and I will then get back on the road. The weather forecast looks really nice with day time temps back in the 70’s and no frost. Regardless, I am now set up to handle night time temps of 15 degrees fairly easily.


2 thoughts on “Getting Back on the Road – All Winterized!

  1. God in Heaven, I’m not one to rain on your fantastic parade, but I can’t help but be troubled by the weather that I remember when we were last in Williams area. SNOW and lot’s of it. I know you’re equipped for sleeping in cold but how will you mangage the cadillac in snow? Of course, I haven’t checked the weather which I’m sure you have so who knows? Maybe Az will get the best “warm-snap” we’ve ever had?!

    • Hey Cassi, 

      I can reasonably handle the “averages” of the area, but not a heavy sudden snow fall. I can handle some snow though, although that will probably make me curse like a sailor. I hate snow. If that happens I am honestly praying for road angels. There are 30 or so miles between each of the towns up til Seligman, and I won’t leave populated areas if they promise crazy snow or colder than I can handle. Seligman to Williams will be the longest and most desolate stretch. I have to make certain I have about a decent 7 day forecast before heading out. At the moment I have a completely acceptable 10 day forecast. 

      This isn’t ideal, its not perfect, but it is doable as long as road angels exist. So far I have been incredibly lucky. 

      I have back up plans and helpers if something overloads me. And the connections I am looking forward to meet around Flagstaff plays a part too. 


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