Food or Poison?

I am bit of a Trekkie – I admit it. My fav series were Voyager, DS9 and Next Gen. In DS9 there is an episode where the Ferengi are accidentally transported back to the US in the 1950’s. Quark – the leader of the trio decides he wants to stay there and at that time – because he can sell anything to these idiots. He knows this because their smoking proves that they will fill their bodies with poison.

Since then, we have thankfully wised up in regards to smoking. One of the things I really appreciate is that cigarette packages now comes with health warnings. Yet, when it comes to our food, we remain as much in the dark ages. By far most of us frequently eats foods that can only be described as “pure poison”. These poisons are as insidious and as guaranteed to kill us as cigarettes, yet, we describe them as “food”.

Although my trail has shown a lot of lack of knowledge, even in people who think they know about good nutrition, there are many factors why we tend to eat those poisonous foods.

I plan to start to write about easy and delicious ways to replace poisonous foods with healthy or at least healthier options. I plan to focus on education as well as good tips to overcome some of the other obstacles we deal with – lack of time or energy to cook from scratch, lack of excellent recipes and financial issues are all top contenders to why we continue to eat crappy foods.

So, to start with a bit of education – here are some really easy and absolutely delicious substitutions to make for carby foods:

White Rice, or minute made rice are incredibly bad for you. Replace with brown rice, wild rice or quinoa. Especially quinoa is high in protein and fiber, delicious and fast to make.

Most commercially available breads are incredibly poisonous, and can’t just be replaced with “whole wheat”. This one will take a little work in your local super market to find a good substitution. You want to find a bread with 5 grams of fiber and 4-5 grams of protein per slice. Normal commercial bread has 2-3 grams of fiber and 1-2 grams of protein. The good news is the healthier breads usually have extra deliciousness like seeds or nuts.

White Pasta is incredibly poisonous. Replace with whole wheat pasta, do NOT replace with rice pasta or quinoa pasta. Check the nutrition labels, you want to see 5 grams of fiber per serving and 3 grams of protein.

Potatoes – Yes, I too Love potatoes and in my mind they are much maligned. They are a natural food and in moderation not a bad thing, especially if you do not remove the skin. They do cause blood sugar to spike though, so moderation is a good idea. Carrots and Sweet Potatoes mix well with potatoes. Do NOT use instant mash potatoes or pre-made frozen potatoes though – yuck!


2 thoughts on “Food or Poison?

  1. I love all of your suggestions. Very good…I have started down your path about a year ago now. I try not to eat carbs to much, being an Italian this is very hard for me to do…if you could recommend the exact breads to chose from that would help me. I cannot see well, therefore looking at ingredients in the grocery store usually does not happen; my husband does most of the shopping, but if I tell him exactly what to buy me he will. thanks…

    • Hey Rosemarie, I can give you a couple of ideas on the food, but thruth is, every time I go in to a different grocery store, if bread is on my list I usually spend 5-10 minutes reading labels myself. The decent breads are not easy to find. The really dark rye breads from northern Europe usually fits the bill. Also, if you have a well stocked grocery store in N. California I found “dave’s” bread a lot, and it tasted yummy and fit my health related demands – organic with no preservatives as well. Other than that, I am as forced to spend the time looking over labels as you are.

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