RIP Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was one of the greats of my life time. Like Mahatma Gandhi he stood for non-violent opposition, Love and dignity. As I listen to the news and read the news about Mandela his life touches me deeply. I would like to reflect on how Nelson Mandela touches my life right here today.

After getting out of prison Mandela was able, not only to forgive, but to sit down at a table and break bread with those who abused him. The symbol and the beauty of that simple act is astonishing. How often have anger gotten me to my knees, and for much less reason than Mandela had, and how often have I managed to turn around and see the inherent goodness and humanity in those I was angry at. The simple humanity of such an act leaves me breathless with admiration and inspiration.

Mandela was able to see humanity in everyone and while he respected everyone he still stood up for what was right and against abuses. How did he manage this amazing feat at one and the same time. Like Gandhi stood, without weapons and fought for non-violence even when people around him dropped dead. Mandela was also able to hold on to the inherent, basic humanity of his abusers while telling them what they did was wrong.

So, I am shown the beauty, courage, Love and divinity of non-violence, even in the face of horrific, unparalleled violence and horror.

As this percolates inside me, I realize I have not done enough the last few months. I have not done enough to talk about the discrimination against obese people. And I have not done enough to talk about the horrible abuses perpetrated by the psychiatric system in this country. So, that is my challenge now. I need to speak, not only about the journey but also about the things I am doing this for. Expect to see those posts in the future!


9 thoughts on “RIP Nelson Mandela

  1. Beautiful wonderful post …..I am striving for the same things. I am trying to let go of the anger, the jealousy to forgive people who have hurt me in some way. Its very hard to do. I pledge to try, to open my mind to the knowledge of learning this ….To dig deep into my soul, and lead with that instead of my mind. Sort of like letting go of “ego”. Thank you for this post. It really means a lot to me. As I have said throughout your journey. You an amazing, and awesome woman!!! Keep on in health, and beauty, God Bless.

  2. You are on a spiritual journey Malene. Your journey has a lot of transformative properties. You should be reading a lot of philosophy books to enhance your experience. From some of your biographical tidbits you’ve revealed, evidence suggests you had experienced not a broken heart, but worse — a broken spirit. Your journey, if completed, should develop within you a formidable spirit while at the same time fighting discrimination against obese people.


    • Very good Jeff, I like what you have to say. I do believe that Malene’s journey has so much transformative properties, I hope she journals it all, and at the end we are all the first ones to buy a signed copy of her book. I hope to meet her one day….I don’t think she has to complete the walk as first planned out though., I think if she needs to stop because of the weather elements that she should at least be able to once a week have enough money to get a room at a hotel/motel. I am hoping thru groupon I can give her a night while on her trip somewhere. I believe she will accomplish what she needs too. She has already Won the fight against obese people, in my book!

      • Dear Rosemarie, mine and I believe Jeff’s concern isn’t that I shouldn’t be able to have some comforts. And I do hope that eventually I am able to afford a room if I need it. 

        If I take a long break now there might be severe consequences in my ability to secure corporate sponsorships and that can jeopardize my whole walk – not a risk I am prepared to take, and I agree with Jeff that this risk is real and I am grateful for his pointing it out. 

        I am as always grateful for your caring involvement and support.  Malene

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      • Thanks Rosemarie for understanding

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    • Dear Jeff, thank you so much for your understanding. I was indeed broken. Heart, spirit and body was all crushed. A terrible, lost shadow of my former self. 

      I used to read a lot of books from all the worlds religions, but I am not drawn to that right now. This journey is so immediate and real, I don’t need to be philosophical about it, I need to live it. 

      There is actually a lot of info about me on this site, the about section is rather raw. 

      Thank you so much for your support and involvement – I am honored to have so many supporters, here and on facebook, and often I don’t even know how people came to hear about me or where they are. 

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  3. Ermelunden var et godt sted at overnatte. En slags øvelse til hvad du har gang i nu 🙂 … Pas nu på dig selv … Du har altid været en stærk person ,,,, og det nedbrud du har følt har bestemt ikke knækket dig … En dag af gangen ,,, Du har måske glemt Danmark ,, men Danmark har aldrig og vil aldrig glemme dig 😉 …

    • Ok, nu er jeg totalt nysgerrig, hvem er du? Der er ikke mange det ved hvor mange naetter jeg gemte mig i Ermelunden, saa du maa kende mig ganske godt. USA er meget mere vild end Ermeren nogen sinde blev, men det er helt sikkert at jeg laerte at vaere alene i en moerk skov, uden angst, i Ermelunden.

      Mange tak for de venlige ord, jeg kom meget, meget taet paa at vaere knaekket, men der er aabentbart en raasturke i mig stadigvaek. Jeg glemmer selvfoelgelig aldrig lille Danmark. Der er mange smukke steder og ting i Danmark, og selv om jeg betragter mig selv mere som Amerikaner end Dansker er der mange traek i mig som er saa udbredt Danske.

      Jeg skal nok passe paa mig selv, der er kun en af mig, og du er velkommen til at emaile direkte – malene.comes(snabel a)

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