Winter is here, now what?

Hey Guys,

So, as some of you warned me Arizona can get wintery, and it is here. Ahead of me is the high desert with altitudes of 7000 ft, and those altitudes gets snow. (I HATE snow)

I essentially have three choices:

1. Winterize my pack and continue on. The area up ahead gets nasty snow storms, but the snow then melts. With proper gear and trusting I can get out of any potential storms I should be ok.

2. It might be time to turn due south. I am so in-love with walking through Arizona and New Mexico that I am fighting this option with all my being. I really do not want to turn south until after New Mexico.

3. I have a few potential options to hole up for a couple of months and then continue on. This is do-able because I am already figuring that the walk will take 2 years so I don’t have to be in New York until May 2015.

While option number three sounds attractive I am worried that I might lose credibility with any potential corporate sponsors. I have walked just short of 350 miles and it is too early for me to take such a serious break.

At this point I am going to work on option 1 – winterize my pack and continue on. Folks, I do know there is snow and very cold weather up ahead, and I do know what that feels like. I was raised in N. Europe and have experienced extreme winter weather many times. I also know that freezing can be extremely painful and even deadly. So please do not underestimate me. I do know what I am doing, and I can always, always jump a bus and head south if I need to. I will not risk anything related to getting caught in the elements, and will not venture out in to desolate areas.

There are some things I will need in order to do this, and I will spend the next few days working to get those things!

Here is what I need:

A solid 2-person, 3 season tent. The tent has to be modern, built to withstand some weather, light weight and very important quick for one person to set up.

A sleeping bag – built for a big person and rated down to minus 40 degrees.

Winter Boots – Size 9.5.

Rain Clothes – it can be as simple as a rain poncho.

Winter clothes – I can do this in a few different ways, the cheapest and most effective is layering. I would need some additional pants and sweaters to layer on top of each other. Then the rain poncho could protect me if it starts to rain or snow. I also need some extra thick socks and a pair of gloves.

A nice jacket

Missing from my pack at the moment are also additional canisters of propane – My stove uses the not so common Giga Power Snow Peaks canisters.



7 thoughts on “Winter is here, now what?

  1. As a mom, I say you go with the last choice. During that time, we can all work together to try and find a big company, or companies that will kick in….I am thinking of organizations like Weight Watchers, or a weight loss program…..uhhhmmmm…I saw your last post, I would be willing to volunteer my time since I am home a lot.

    • Hey Rosemarie,

      Weight watchers and programs that focus on weight loss sees me as competition and are not possible for donations. I did a LOT of work before departure, and the messages I got from corporations was walk 500 miles and then talk to us. In other words, credibility was an issue. If I take a long break now, I am basically done for and it will be impossible to get sponsorships. I will not risk that, so it leaves me with option 1 or 2, and I prefer to opt for option 1 if at all possible. This journey requires me to be gritty and tough on occasion, and I cant take the easy option.

      • Seems like you have done your research…..I read your last email last; and I really didn’t think you were going to assign people to specific tasks??? The last thing I know about is camping? or a tent for that matter…..I thought the research was for donations., big or small companies doesn’t matter to me. My line of expertice is in collections, billing and collections that’s what I have done all my life. So, if you want I can help there, but I really don’t know anything about tents…..

  2. Malene,

    I would not take option 3! You will lose credibility. Besides, you’ll be in danger of gaining weight back. Obesity kills as you know.

    I remember watching an old 1960s movie called ‘Jason and the Argonauts.’ In this movie Jason rounded up the bravest sailors in pursuit of the Golden Fleece. They had to fight off an army of sword-wielding skeletons, a 50 ft giant Bronze statue man that came alive, some giant Merman, flying harpies and so on. You have many battles ahead of you like Jason. You have a Golden Fleece to obtain Malene. You’ll have to fight the elements to get it. One week okay. Two weeks –if you must. Three months? No way! You’ll be proud of yourself Malene if you continue with the same discipline you have already shown. Believe me, when you finish this adventure, you will be thin, healthier, and a woman of extraordinarily great substance. It’ll be a great book. Might even make trading cards of your adventure. Take fascinating pics.

    Kind Regards,

    • Thanks Jeff, I agree, at this stage option 3 is not really an option. I have the extra time, but this early in the journey I will completely lose credibility. I will either have to winterize and brave the elements or turn south. I want to go with option 1 if at all possible.

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