A Quick Little Update

Hey Guys,

So, Ed and Mary invited me to stay for a few days, and I had such a great time that I couldnt seem to get moving. We had a fabulous 80th birthday party for a cousin of Ed’s, and I learned a lot about cake decorating. It was a whole lot of fun.


Above bull dog decorated cake was a fun collaboration between me and Mary. A blast was had by all!

And Ed, well, he has a big job, he does the dishes, but even more importantly, he licks the icing off our utensils.


I fixed Mary’s computer and Ipad, learned something about Apple products, and got fed like a queen.

And, the coup-etas, I got a total of 3 showers, how delicious is that. My tummy is back to normal, and well, I am all out of excuses, as well as a bit worried about the weather.

So, no more soft living – it is back on the road with my fat self before I gain back all 74 pounds.

I am still worried about that hill, because it is a bitch, but then again, I can be too. Seeing the drive yesterday I should have cell phone connectivity through today, but the Internet will be off my phone very quickly out there.

If not before – see ya guys on the flip side, when I am proud as punch for having climbed that hill, all while knowing I just barely get started.



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