Arizona is kicking my a**, and taking names

After my proud entry in to Arizona I am now discovering that this walk is not all peaches and cream – well, I knew that, but still.

I got my period, and I know it is a bit TMI, but unfortunately for me, that time is exceedingly painful both physically and emotionally, and I bleed like a stuck pig for a few days. It actually amounts to significant blood loss, and I have to be just a little careful what I ask of myself for the first 3-4 days. Due to my hormonal imbalances the periods are extreme, but thankfully infrequent. As I lose more weight it should become more “normal” again.

Then google maps led me down some pathways that were soft sand, and I had to back track about 3 miles to get back on a real road. But the real challenge is the mountains now straight ahead of me. Up, Up, Up and across, and it is non-stop uphill. At least in the CA hills I got a break every few hours to walk back down a ways again, not here.

I am not sure if it is due to my period or some other reason, but I have started to lose my breath climbing these hills, my muscles are fine and not at all sore, but my breathing gets very labored. I know I am not yet up so high that it is altitude so I don’t quite get it. Hopefully I get it back fairly soon and it is just the fatigue and blood loss associated with this time of month for me.

The upshot here, of course, is that I have only walked 4-5 miles a day. Yikes!

In the middle of these struggles, I met some road angels, and I was deeply grateful for a shower, the food and the chance to rest in a soft bed. It came timely. Ed and Mary is a wonderful, sweet couple who likes to winter in their RV here in AZ. They have been married for 52 years and are wonderful conversationalists. I so enjoyed my evening with them and new friends were made.

20131114_102544 20131114_084449

Kingman is about 35 miles ahead of me, if I only walk 5 miles a day that will take a week, but I suspect I will do better than that. Maybe not much better than five days though, we will see.


4 thoughts on “Arizona is kicking my a**, and taking names

  1. For what your going thru, its not too much info. I was exactly like you with my monthly periods, they would always last 7 days, and the first 3 to 4 days are the worse!! you need to take it really slow. Ed and Mary seem like a really awesome couple. To bad you couldn’t stay with them just a little longer. Forget your schedule, just make sure you don’t hit any bad weather, snow, I mean. I so admire you!!! I wish I could do what you do.

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