Newberry Springs to Ludlow

Hey Guys,

So, I let off arriving in Newberry Springs. There was a little rain that afternoon, but by evening it was all done. I found a gorgeous pine to settle in below, but a few hours later the skies were clear. The next morning I had some subway food again, fueled up on water and hit the road. I wanted to stop at Bagdad Cafe for the history value. Bagdad Cafe was featured in a movie from 1986 of the same name. Yelp highly recommended that I didn’t eat there, so I chose subway before heading out. In fact, yelps commentary about Bagdad Cafe was positively nasty, included a lot of personal attacks against those who ran the place, and in my experience was not deserved.

Bagdad Cafe was just 3 miles down the road, and I was walking gang busters that morning, getting there fairly early. I got there just as two busses full of French tourists arrived – apparently the movie was really big in France and it is a hot attraction. They all milled around, bought t-shirts, took pictures, spoke French and acted like typical tourists. I decided to sit down and be patient, I wanted to post the picture page for you guys anyways.

I decided on a lemonade and some fries while I was sitting on the computer. It took a little while to get there, but I had expected that with the two bus loads. Bagdad Cafe is clearly a tourist attraction and they have a lot of items on the walls from around the globe. It is also a historic look at old decor cafe’s from a long time ago. I enjoyed my stay there. As I was about to head out the owner of the place came and introduced herself. When she heard about my mission my tab was comped, and she took a picture of me behind the bar.


Onwards I walked and soon things got extremely desolate, and the roadway was incredibly un-kept. There were more potholes than asphalt! The Cadillac didnt like it much, and I nearly twisted my ankle a few times. This slowed me down significantly for the next few days.

Not much exciting happened between Newberry Springs and Ludlow. I felt tired and had a few short days. I was walking around 7 miles a day because of that asphalt (or lack of same). I passed through several lava fields that were gorgeous. The mountains all around me were stunning – the colors ranging from cream to brown to black and then from orange to red and deep blood red. I tried to take pictures of the mountains but I dont think my camera did them justice.


The night sky, with the complete lack of light pollution remains an amazing show leaving me breathless with its beauty. The nights are definitely getting colder, but I am well prepared for that and feel comfy at night.

Tomorrow I take a day off walking to sleep in, relax and do a little writing. My thoughts the last few days have definitely been on the last very difficult year of my life. Some things are gaining clarity and coming in to a new focus.

I am trying to take pictures of myself – so here is one from a couple of days ago.


This picture was taken by John – my host in Palmdale a few weeks ago. I like it.




One thought on “Newberry Springs to Ludlow

  1. Love the picture’s. Would also love to hear what life lessons your learning, or becoming aware of on this trip. My thoughts already is your body is getting sculped, I can see you have a nice coloring, you look happy, you have lost weight. You can eat 3 meals a day and as long as you exercise one can eat almost everything…..and most importantly of all I see the PRIDE in your eyes. Your amazing!!!! there, I said it again. šŸ™‚

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