Pear Blossom believes in “The Bushes”

One little tidbit that is good to know about the town of Pear Blossom – they fervently believe in “The Bushes”. There is not a single public bathroom in Pear Blossom – so visitors gets to squeeze their cheeks and head for the bushes. Out of the city there are plenty of bushes to hide behind though.

Well, after spending most of the day in Pear Blossom by a large gas station making sure my gizmo’s all had full batteries I headed out of that tiny town. The next few days were largely uneventful, with an awful lot of walking. The desert is both desolate, gorgeous and ugly all at the same time. The amount of trash by the roadway saddened me. Mostly, my focus was on walking. This way of traveling is so incredibly intense, one step at a time. The heart beat of the land underneath my feet. The passing of the day, movement of the sun, heat, cool, how much light is left? How far will I make it today? The nights – quiet and desolate, alone but not really lonely. The sound of a pack of coyote in the distance, barking dogs responding. The desert sports eerily few night critters, I am used to a lot more night sounds in the forest.

Just eleven miles out of Victorville my stroller got a flat tire. Penny, my next host, picked me up, and we got the tire fixed. I also purchased some hoses that are about 4 times thicker than the ones I had in the stroller – that, and a repair kit. Before leaving Victorville Penny will take me back to the spot I stopped at and let me walk it back to her place. It is just one days walk, and I can do it without my stroller.

I plan to leave her at the end of the week, ahead of me is the dreaded, desolate route 66 in the Mojave desert. Just over 200 miles to Bullhead City, AZ, which is my next major city. This stretch there is zero phone reception.


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