On Safety

Dear Friends,


A number of you have expressed concern when and if I seem to be out of facebook reach for too long. I really, really appreciate your caring concern. There will be times when I am out of reach for shorter or longer times – no cell phone connectivity, limited batteries on my gizmo’s and other issues can come up. It will sometimes be difficult for me to reassure each of you individually, that indeed, I am ok for the exact same reasons.

I have one girl who is in “charge” of my security. This means she has my exact route at all times, she knows where and with whom I am staying, and she has deadlines within which I have to contact her or she sends the police. She also has the direct line number to my local police stations as I walk in to new areas. This is also the girl that if I have to make a landline call, she is the one I call.

Please also read my security post.

In addition, at this moment, I have a wealth of local folks I have spoken with and who are willing to help in a pinch.

So, while I deeply appreciate your concern, please rest assured that all efforts are already being made to keep me safe.


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