Another Travelogue

First of all, thank you to all of you for your patience with my slow updates. I must admit that between walking, having conversations, route planning and couch surfing duties, I sometimes play catch up. This “job” of walking around the US is quite demanding – not that I complain, it is all fun.

So, I believe I left off as I arrived in Acton, tired, sore but proud of my accomplishment. John picked me up for a few days stay at his place. The relationship I developed with John was perhaps a little more intense than normal given how little time we had together. It was very sweet, and I suspect another good friend is made for many years to come. Due to how ruthlessly honest this blog has become I find the conversations I have with people to really quickly also become very honest and open and I enjoy that.

I left John’s place to head out for Victorville after 2 full days, but didn’t get far due to an upset stomach, so I returned to John’s place for an additional two days.

I returned to walking again the day before yesterday and started out total gangbusters walking ten miles that first day. Yesterday was more like 7-8 miles though. I am walking on Pear Blossom Highway, a highway that is a little too big for comfort – with a lot of passing big rigs. This type of walking necessitates paying a lot of attention to oncoming traffic, as it is moving fast. That said, the desert offers plenty of nice spots to hide among the bushes to sleep for the night. The sun sets and sun rises are spectacular, the moon is full and actually provides enough light at night I could potentially read a book by moonlight. The moon then disappears around 3 am, and then the stars are quite astonishing. The sounds of hunting coyote’s keep me on my toes. The next 35 miles ahead of me are incredibly empty so I have stopped early this morning to recharge my laptop batteries and phone. I have 3+ days ahead with no access to electricity or fresh water.

The place I have stopped is called “Pear Blossom”, population 2434. I really wanted to find some place to sit down, get a bite to eat and charge up my gizmo’s, unfortunately the town only sported one small such establishment – a place called Billy Boy’s. Entering this “restaurant”, everything just looked run down, dirty, with decor from the 50’s and didn’t smell too sweet. When I told the lady my mission and asked her if I could sit here and eat while I charged up my laptop she told me no, she couldn’t let me use Her electricity. So, I moved on. A nearby gas station had a “deli”, not completely fresh food, but passable, and they are allowing me to use an outside electricity outlet, so I am happy. I am sitting in the shade, with my stuff plugged in and quite relaxed. The food here might just be better than at Billy Boy’s, I shudder to think just how dirty that kitchen would be, given the state of the front room.

Victorville is coming up by Saturday or Sunday.







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