On Money and Fund Raising

I wanted to let all of my new followers know about the financial aspects of this walk.

In the early stages I have been supported by friends, family and private sponsors like you! I have an indiegogo campaign and I need it to reach $800 in the next 15 days. If that does not happen then they take a bigger part of the cut.

I am not financially independent and will need to fund raise throughout the walk. When my budget is raised then I intend to continue to fund raise, but I will focus on giving the money to worthy causes. To begin with I have gotten my gear donated as well as health insurance.

The other expenses are:

Phone ($140 a month)
Food, camping and other living expenses ($400-$800)
Finally, I pay something monthly for the care of my cats. ($300)

My monthly budget is around $1000, although I should be able to survive on $800.

In the initial fund raising before departure I was repeatedly snuffed by corporations when I asked for sponsorships. Those who responded with anything wanted me to walk before they even considered sponsoring me. I plan to approach them again when I have reached about 500 miles, or just after the Grand Canyon.

There are two ways you as an private individual can help me:

Of course, if you want to help by donating I would be grateful. No donation is too small.

Also, please consider inviting all your friends to join me on facebook. The more facebook followers I have, the more corporate sponsors will want to sponsor me.

Thanks in advance



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